Secret Admirer by Amanda Lees

Secret Admirer is a chick lit type romantic novel which is written by Amanda Lees. Its a light novel which is good for those who like to read the whole thing in few hours.Its a average lite romance novel with a happy ending. No complicated things there but just a love triangle with a twist.

Delilah had imagined her life was complicated enough. After all, when you’re the owner of a struggling but sophisticated boutique that demands your constant attention and the manager of a hedonistic and occasionally snappish Australian sales assistant, you don’t have a great deal of time to brood about the state of your love life. But when an intriguing – and oddly fragrant – postcard from a secret admirer lands on your doormat, there’s no escaping the thrill of wondering who the mysterious scribbler might be…that is, until the man of your dreams saunters through the shop door and sends your heart into restless palpitation. But is he the enigmatic secret admirer, or merely a coincidental bearer of romantic tidings? Delilah’s passions are about to fly into overdrive, although there are the small matters of a shop named Decadence and an assistant named Twizzle to keep her feet on the ground.

First few captors of Secret Admirer boring. Fireworks started like in 8 or 9th captors. Then the story was smooth and lovely. You would read without stopping wanting to know what happens next. It has something more than a normal chick lit novel. End was bit too fast. I wish story is bit longer than that specially the ending. Anyone I want to check how other novels which are written by Amanda Lees.

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