The Clan of The Cave Bear by Jean Auel

The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel is the first novel of  The Earth’s Children’s Series. I’m a thriller and comedy novel fan so I don’t remember why did I get this historical fantasy fiction. I don’t think The Clan of The Cave Bear is a fantasy novel but it’s a realistic Prehistoric fiction. The Clan of The Cave Bear is full of vivid details of  prehistoric cave dwellers, animals and romance and their life style. Jean Auel‘s written in The Clan of The Cave Bear way it keeps you bind to the book still you finish reading. It’s a kind of big novel but which you can enjoy start to end.

When her parents are killed by an earthquake, 5-year-old Ayla wanders through the forest completely alone. Cold, hungry, and badly injured by a cave lion, the little girl is as good as gone until she is discovered by a group who call themselves the Clan of the Cave Bear. This clan, left homeless by the same disaster, have little interest in the helpless girl who comes from the tribe they refer to as the “Others.” Only their medicine woman sees in Ayla a fellow human, worthy of care. She painstakingly nurses her back to health–a decision that will forever alter the physical and emotional structure of the clan. Although this story takes place roughly 35,000 years ago, its cast of characters could easily slide into any modern tale. The members of the Neanderthal clan, ruled by traditions and taboos, find themselves challenged by this outsider, who represents the physically modern Cro-Magnons. And as Ayla begins to grow and mature, her natural tendencies emerge, putting her in the middle of a brutal and dangerous power struggle.

The Clan of The Cave Bear is story which take you 35,000 years back into history. Jean Auel explains prehistoric peoples life styles beautifully in this story and make you want to read the next book right away. The Clan of The Cave Bear is full of adventure and it let readers see through the past, on how early humans (cro-mags) live their life. Their cultures, beliefs, custom and tradition. You won’t regret taking this lovely prehistorical novel. You can read Reviews of customers and see how highly they have rated Jean Auel‘s The Clan of The Cave Bear and other books of Earth’s Children series.

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