Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler

Valhalla Rising is another Dirk Pitt Adventure by Clive Cussler. He is one of my favorite action adventure novel writers. I like this Dirk Pitt series because those are always about historical incidents, treasure hunting as well as action. You have have all in one when you read Dirk Pitt novels. Clive Cussler sometimes use him self as a side character without harming the story line.

Pitt’s NUMA survey ship happens to be in the vicinity when the world’s newest and biggest cruise ship founders and sinks, giving Pitt the chance to stage the daring rescue of nearly 2,000 passengers. Among those who perish is a famous scientist whose revolutionary engines powered the ship to her watery grave; while Pitt is unable to save Dr. Egan, he rescues his beautiful daughter Kelly from the sea, and later from a murder attempt aboard the rescue vessel.
Pitt and his trusty pal Al Giordino track the sinking to the boardroom door of a multinational conglomerate called Cerberus, whose evil CEO has designs on the world’s oil supply. He’ll do anything to keep Egan’s advanced engines and secret formula for frictionless oil off the market–even sabotage another vessel, this time a luxury passenger submarine. By the time our heroes have foiled the mastermind’s nefarious plots, they’ve also uncovered the existence of a working submarine nearly a century before one actually existed–irrefutable proof of a Viking landing on the Hudson River–and the remains of the British sailor who inspired Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo.

I enjoyed reading Valhalla Rising and I don’t know what others say but it’s a brilliantly written novel. Anyone who love sea/treasure type action adventure novels would enjoy it. Also Dirk Pitt series is something you can enjoy reading. Maybe plot is not believable and this is not one of the greatest action adventure novels but still Valhalla Rising is not bad book which make you bored.