The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott

The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott is an average Archaeological Thriller. Its not boring but the book doesn’t posses taut pacing, riveting action, or interesting characters. The story is based around the Mayan 2012 “end of the world” legend and about Mysterious crystal Skulls.

As a wedding gift, Kitt brings his new wife Stella to a cave where he believes Cedric Owen’s legendary crystal skull is located. But when they find the skull, their lives are endangered. Someone is willing to kill to get his hands on it. And supposedly the skull has a curse on it. Can Stella uncover the truth behind the skull and get the skull to its resting place before time runs out?

The book seems to be trying too hard to do too much. It is trying to be a mystery with fantasy and science fiction as well as archeology and history and astronomy. the story is too confusing and choppy to be cohesive and maintain depth. The characters have no history or development and their connections, when made, are tenuous. The heart of the story is human relationships and emotions. The lust for power, the strength of friendship, the crippling effect of jealousy, the bitterness of loss, and the blindness of preconception all play pivotal roles in the story and are reflected and enhanced by the sentient crystal skull. Good novel for those who like light suspense / mystery stories.