The Angel and the Highlander By Donna Fletcher

The Angel and the Highlander is the first novel of Donna Fletcher that I’ve read.The Angel and the Highlander is the third book in the Sinclare Brothers series .The four Highland brothers – Cavan, Artair, Lachlan and Ronan  the search for the missing brother Ronan seems to be the theme of this series.

This story is of the third brother Lachlan Sinclare who is to escort the  runaway daughter of a local clan leader Lord Bunnock home. Lady Alyce Bunnock flees from her home as her father wants her to marry a man of his  requirement.She takes  shelter at Everagis Abbey, donning a nun’s habit, and naming herself after Sister Terese who is dead.When Lachlan arrives at Everagis Abbey, he discovers there are only five of the nuns left and the others – including Alyce Bunnock – have died.
Terese(Alyce) is hiding quite a lot from Lachlan and his men – that the five women aren’t nuns, that her identity as Alyce Bunnock needs to be hidden and that she has struck a bargain with the mercenaries, despite not seeing their mysterious leader.In spite of all this the two of them fall in love with each other, Lachlan has to learn to trust her and give her freedom, where as Alyce must decide between her independence and the temptation she has for him.

This is an amusing story as the hero struggles between desire and sin while the sexy “sister” struggles between desire and independence.But what i found a bit unlikely was the fear that Alyce fears Lachlan won’t like her when he discovers that she is the shrewish Alyce, considering their passion for each other.The erratic  behavior of her father – first treating her like a son and teaching her the leadership skills and then again assuming that she behave like a girl should, shy and obedient. Well all in all it is a good book to read, but I wouldn’t say that I didn’t put down until I finished the book. I think that it is an ok read.

Earth Song by Catherine Coulter

Most of Catherine Coulter‘s books are written in series. Earth Song (Song Novels) is the third book of medieval romance of the Song series. Well you may not hold your sides with laughter as told in the book, but it certainly makes you smile.

Philippa de Beauchamp who is impulsive and imprudent. Fear of being wed to a loathsome, aged  baron prompt  her to flee her comfortable home. This  escape of hers in a wool wagon lands her in even more trouble than she had imagined. Dienwald de Fortenberry is the owner of St. Erth who is not only a handsome rogue but also so very poor. He decides to ransom the girl back to her family for an obscene amount of money and all his problems will be solved. But it is not as easy as he things. Sir Walter de Grasse, Dienwald’s greatest enemy, learns a secret about Philippa’s past, a secret that not even she knows but that can change both her and Dienwald’s future.

This book made me smile with all its humor and also to see a woman escape from a dire predicament for once without a man rushing in to rescue her.

Even though this is the third book in the series, it is the first one that i have read so I can’t compare how it fares over the other two books.
All in all I thought it was a good romantic story even though it ventures a wee bit more into the “bodice ripper” territory.