Allan Quatermain by Rider Haggard

Allan Quartermain by H. Rider Haggard the last novel of this Allan Quatermain series. This book is no so popular unlike first book of the series, King Solomon’s Mines. Still it’s a great novel which is full of adventures, romance, remote Africa, ancient lost civilizations. Rider Haggard is founder of lost world type novels. His novels are great and you can put same level as today’s thriller novels.

At the beginning of this adventure Quatermain has lost his only son and longs to get back into the wilderness. Having persuaded Sir Henry Curtis, Captain John Good, RN, and the Zulu chief Umslopogaas to accompany him they set out from the coast of east Africa into the territory of the Masai and while staying with a Scottish missionary are attacked by a group of these tribesmen whom they overcome with heroism. There follows a voyage by canoe along an underground river to a lake in the kingdom of Zu-Vendis on the other side of a range of mountains. The Zu-Vendi are a warlike white race entirely isolated from other African races and when Curtis and Quatermain’s party arrives are ruled jointly by two sisters, Nyleptha and Sorais. The priests of the Zu-Vendi religion are hostile to the explorers but they are protected by the queens: however both fall passionately in love with Curtis and this together with the rejection by Nyleptha of the nobleman Nasta results in a civil war between them (Sorais and Nasta’s forces against those of Nyleptha, Curtis and Quatermain). After a battle in which Queen Nyleptha’s forces are outnumbered she is nevertheless victorious but then threatened by the treachery of the priests who plan to murder her in the palace. Umslopogaas and one loyal warrior manage to save her from this, killing Nasta and the chief priest Agon in the Fight on the Stairway. Sorais, defeated and jealous, takes her own life: Nyleptha and Curtis become King and Queen and Quatermain dies from a wound suffered in the battle.

This is the ending novel of  Allan Quatermain series since he dies at end of the story. Rider Haggard is one of my favorites authors and I enjoyed his all novels of  Allan Quatermain series. If you like those Lost world genre books and also historical adventure novels you are gonna love this book.

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas one of the most famous novels of all times. Probably the best and famous french novel. The Count of Monte Cristo is a delicious novel, full of intrigue,  great fight scenes,  love,  passion, revenge and witty social satire. This novel shows everything what a great author should have,  the grandeur of the writing, the tightness of a wonderful plot, filled with subplots, the development of the characters, and the constant magic of combining romance and adventure. This is the greatest french classic novel I have ever read. One of the best romantic novels too.

Young sailor Edmond Dantes, just as his life starts to come together, is wrongfully imprisoned for fourteen years in the dungeons of the Chateau d’If as the victim of a monstrously evil plot to frame him as a Bonapartist. While in prison he makes the acquaintance of one Abbe Faria, who serves as his mentor and teaches him the ways of the world (science, philosophy, languages and literature, and so forth), and also makes him a gift of a fabulous treasure straight out of the _Thousand and One Nights_. How Dantes gets out of prison, and what he does after that.

The Count of Monte Cristo is not small lite novel. Its one of the longest novels I have read and probably the longest romantic novel I have read.This great romantic novel gonna take 3-4 days to finish depending how fast you read. Also this is a book you will want to read without putting the down the book so better start reading it when you have plenty of time like in a vacation. The Count of Monte Cristo might be 1400 pages long, but it never disappoints. Also I like how the story ends a happier ending than I expected. Not many books at Amazon.con gets 334 five star reviews and plus 27 four stars out of a 388 total reviews. It shows how great The Count of Monte Cristo is.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett spellbinding Children’s Classic novel which is about of two unhappy and withered children who become determined to make their lives and the lives of others around them more joyful. A tale capture the wonder of the secret garden springing to life under the tender care of Mary Lennox; her spoiled invalid cousin, Colin; and Dickon, a Yorkshire boy. Its Fascinating story which keep you reading till the end.

Bratty and spoiled Mary Lennox is orphaned when her parents fall victim to a cholera outbreak in India. As a result, Mary becomes the ward of an uncle in England she has never met. As she hesitantly tries to carve a new life for herself at imposing and secluded Misselthwaite Manor, Mary befriends a high-spirited boy named Dickon and investigates a secret garden on the Manor grounds. She also discovers a sickly young cousin, Colin, who has been shut away in a hidden Manor room. Together Mary and Dickon help Colin blossom, and in the process Mary finds her identity and melts the heart of her emotionally distant uncle.

The Secret Garden is nice children’s novel which start as a sad story but slowly becoming better and better till a happy ending. I thought this gonna be a boring story but more I read it more I started like it. Each chapter you read take you into the story and let you be there with characters. This is the only novel I have read which were written by Frances Hodgson Burnett The Secret Garden hardcover book but This book made me read more of her work. This book is a wonderful reading for children and adults and a perfect gift for any age. would be great for any book collection.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson can be told as the ultimate pirate novel of all times. It was first published in 1883 but like those great children’s classics still everyone can enjoy the book. Classic novel Treasure Island is a magnificent creation which run children’s imagination to maximum level. Treasure Island is a novel filled to the brim with tales of adventure, betrayal and, something which make all children excited about .. treasure !! I still remember how much I enjoyed this book when I first read it as a 12 years old boy.

Jim, is a preteen who lives with his parents at the little inn and tavern that they own. A rough and unruly customer comes to stay with them, a salty old pirate with inappropriate stories and foul drinking songs. Jim is enthralled with the man and befriends him; the old crusty pirate even pays Jim to “Keep an eye out for a man with one leg.” When the rest of the pirates locate the inn where Jim and his family live, they make an appearance, demanding something that the old pirate had taken from them. Through an act of both luck and bravery, Jim and his mother escape the pirates and take with them the hidden object – a map showing the location of an enormous buried treasure. Jim, the good Doctor, and a few other individuals from town decide to rent a boat to go after the treasure… but when they start their voyage, a man with one leg joins the boat as the cook and the rest of the crew isn’t behaving quite properly. The rest of the tale involves mutiny, back stabbing, treachery, treasure, gunfights, castaways and adventure of the highest caliber.

A treasure map where X marks the spot, a schooner set to sail, a onelegged seaman with a parrot on his shoulder, a boy whose bravery will be tested by murder, mutiny, and betrayal — Robert Louis Stevenson’s well-loved tale is the ultimate swashbuckling adventure. Sweeping a path from the sleepy English coast to the raging high seas to a tropical island concealing a buried treasure, this story of friendship and greed, loyalty and courage stars an unforgettable cast of characters: young Jim Hawkins, the terrifying Blind Pew, the wild man Ben Gunn, and one of literature’s most dastardly villains, the charming, crafty, and utterly unscrupulous Long John Silver.

Treasure Island is entry point to world of pirates for children. Any child would enjoy this great children’s novel without doubt. It’s an old fashioned action adventure clearly written with children about the age of 12 in mind. Treasure Island hardcover book would be a great gift for any preteen who love adventure. It would something they would treasure for rest of the life.

The Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas

The Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas is one of the greatest French novels of all times. It’s written by Alexandre Dumas who is one of the most famous and greatest French writers who wrote novels like The Three Musketeers and also The Count of Monte Cristo. The Black Tulip is a interesting and enjoyable novel which turns events surrounding a brutal murder into a tale of romantic love.

A story of romantic love in Holland during the Renaissance, this historical novel describes the murder of John de Witte and his brother Cornelius under the hands of tyrants. And the black tulip? A symbol of justice and the end of oppression. Although Dumas may have distorted history significantly in this story, the image of late 17th century Holland which he presents is accurate and vivid enough to give the reader a lasting impression of society and culture in this period.

Alexandre Dumas is the shortest of Alexandre Dumas‘s most famous novels. He has a great ability to mix adventure and romance to create an exciting and romantic tale. The Black Tulip is q fine way to experience one of France’s most prolific historical authors for the first time, or to further explore his works. The Black Tulip Hard cover book would be a nice gift to anyone who like to read romance novels.