Moon’s Web By C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

Moon’s Web is the second book in Tales of the Sazi series which is written by C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. This book starts right off from where it left off in the first book Hunter’s Moon.

Tony, a Sazi wolf shape-shifter, formerly a Mob hit man, and the very human Sue are newlyweds, facing challenges posed by their psychic link to each other and the politics of life for Tony as a new pack member.As if that was not enough Tony’s sire who is also the girlfriend of Carmine, the Mafia don who used to be Tony’s boss is kidnapped by something that is way too dangerous, it also abducts the pregnant Komodo dragon shape-shifter who is of special interest to Bobby, the sometimes snake operative for the enforcement organization of the Sazi.
Now it’s up to Tony and his sazi friends to save Carmine’s girlfriend–and all of the women taken by this horrifying creature.To add to his problems, Tony is getting flashes of other peoples’ live memories. –but he is learning things he shouldn’t about his friends and neighbors.

Like the first book of  Tales of the Sazi series this too is paranormal adventure Romance with fast-paced action. Tony and Sue proves that romance can sometimes mean staying in love despite adversity. Tony also develops new powers, which have their  side-effects to the mate bond and the pack bond. His disregard for rules leading to careless mistakes. Likewise Sue too develops in character, she is not a weeping female anymore but an equal mate to her husband.  The authors have beautifully finished this book  in the process creating other characters  for the next book making sure that the readers are eagerly waiting for the next book.

Hunter’s Moon By C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

C. T. Adams & Cathy Clamp are a dynamite combination in writing historical and paranormal Romance novels! One of their most famous paranormal romance+thriller series is the Tales of the Sazi. The first book in this series is Hunter’s Moon.

Sue Quentin is a the multi-million dollar Lotto winner, who is so unhappy due to her selfish and scheming mother that she wants to end her life. In order to end her life she hires an  assassin . What the two of them don’t plan is falling for each other. In spite of knowing of Tony’s  secret Sue relishes the attention and care Tony lavishes on her,The psychic bond between them grows, as does the physical passion. Just as this odd couple start thinking about a future together, enemies strict, and all of them are not human. In order to save his mate Tony lets his animal side take over.

I simply loved this book and could not put it down until i finished it. The characters in this story are not predictable, neither is the plot. The story is complicated not just by Sue’s suicidal tendencies and the scheming antics of her selfish grasping family, but also by her werewolf lover’s deep involvement in Mafia affairs.Dark violence with a romantic core, and uncanny twists in the plot will hold you  enthralled up until the very end.

Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts

Valley of Silence is the conclusion novel to Nora Roberts‘ Circle Trilogy. In this book the circle reaches the final showdown with Lilith the Vampire Queen and her army.

This book features the Love between the millennium years old vampire Cian and Moira soon to be the queen of  Geall. In this story Moira is proclaimed the rightful Queen of the kingdom by removal of the sword from the stone.Moira and Cian have been having feelings for each other since they first met in Morrigan’s Cross.  She’s intrigued by him, but he has done his best to intimidate and alienate her.They know that there’s no future together, in spite of that they decide to have their happiness in whatever little time they have.

Unlike the other couples of the other two books of the circle trilogy Cian and Moira have to make sacrifices on their part, for they are not a normal couple like Hoyt-Glenna and Larkin-Blair who are joined together by not only love but also their lives. But Cian and Moira cannot as 1 is the vampire and the other the queen.
Valley of Silence also focuses on the war that has been mentioned in the first two books, final battle involving the circle and the troops they were leading facing off against Lilith and her followers.

Valley of Silence focuses on a lot of things, the love between Cian and Moira, preparation of the war,courage, sacrifices for love and humanity, humor,the jest to live even at the time of pail. What i liked most was that Nora Roberts has shown that even monsters like Lilith are capable of love. All in all this book was the best in the series. While reading this book one gets so involved that the person actually feels the emotions of the characters.

Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts

Dance of the Gods, is the second book in Nora RobertsCircle Trilogy. This story is the continuation of the circle of six commissioned by Morrigan to fight an army of vampires led by Lilith the vampire queen.

In this story we learn more about Larkin the Shapeshifter also cousin  to Moira soon to be the queen of  Geall and Blair the vampire hunter who is also related to Cian the millennium years old vampire.A romance blossoms between Larkin and Blair, she finds herself drawn to Larkin, the courageous, fun-loving guy who takes pleasure in the simple things in life.the circle of six travels through the stones to Geall, to complete their preparations for the upcoming battle. In Larkin’s world Blair will have to decide if she can take a chance on a love that that may not survive the coming battle.

Dance of the Gods starts in Ireland and ends in Geall, however it does not have a true ending,I think it continues into the third novel.However i felt that the first half of the book was a bit dry with very little of romance between the two. Well other than that it was an interesting book . It also made me eager to read the third book as soon as we put this one down, Because I want to see how the battle ends and how does the romance blossoms between the vampire Cian and the queen of Geall.