Journey Through Space by Ryder Windham

Journey Through Space by Ryder Windham is all about Tour the Star Wars galaxy, and learn all about its planets, its moons, and the people and creatures who live there! Thrilling tales from the world of Star Wars for young readers – and great introductions to the new movie. A lively, age appropriate text encourages young readers to imagine they are characters in the film, struggling between the forces of good and evil! From Star Destroyers and TIE-fighters to the “Millennium Falcon,” this book lets young readers hop in the vehicles and transports of the Star Wars universe. Full color.The illustrations were mostly lifted from all six films with some additional stills from the Lucas archives. While the pictures are high quality, the writing is also good. This new series has books for most levels of elementary readers. If your kid is a Fan of Star wars then this might be a perfect book for the child.