The Sands of Sakkara by Glenn Meade

Sands of Sakkara by Glenn Meade is a good war time espionage thriller. It’s not the best of espionage thriller novels but also its not the worst. I liked the plot and story.

Glenn Meade’s latest historical thriller begins in 1939, at the archaeological site of Sakkara near Cairo. Best friends Jack Halder (a wealthy German American playboy), and Harry Weaver (who grew up in the servants quarters of Jack’s house), get together for high jinks, digging, and discovery. Both men fall in love with the same woman–Rachel Stern, a beautiful archaeologist. They shovel, talk, argue about who loves whom more, while Hitler invades Poland.

Four years later, World War II is at its height. Jack has become a German spy and Rachel is in a concentration camp. Both are pulled from their respective situations, and are sent by the Nazis to Cairo. Their mission is to help set the stage for a commando raid that will kill Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt. And guess who the Allies choose to destroy these dastardly plans? Army Intelligence’s own Lieutenant Colonel Harry Weaver, of course.

It’s ending is predictable about there is a surprise for reader. Though it would be not an ending reader would except but not all books have 100% happy endings. But I enjoyed the story  of  The Sands of Sakkara.