Temple – Matthew Reilly

Temple is another great Action/Thriller novel from Matthew Reilly. This another fast pace action novel with great complex action scenes. Shootings, fights, explosions and killings, start to end. Temple is one hellwa Thriller which will keep you glued to the novel till you finish reading it. You become a instant fan of author Matthew Reilly if you haven’t read his books before.

Story goes like – William Race, a mild-mannered professor, is impressed into the U.S. army on a bizarre mission: to retrieve a centuries-old Incan idol revered by a Peruvian Indian tribe. The idol, carved out of a meteorite, is the missing ingredient in a so-called “planet-killer,” a weapon long sought not only by the U.S. government, but also by a neo-Nazi group whose scientists, linguists, and anthropologists seem to be one step ahead of the Americans. Only Race can translate the legendary manuscript that holds the key to the idol’s location high in the Andes in a temple guarded by huge, man-eating panthers, on a moat seething with equally carnivorous crocodiles.

This books might have too much action and violence for some of you. I have seen people say the story is far fetched, over active. But if you love fast pace action thrillers, Temple is another good novel to read.

Contest – Matthew Reilly

If you love to read action-Adventure novels which are full of none stop action start to end then you are gonna love this book. This is a fast reading book which is hard to put down when you start reading it. Author Matthew Reilly is someone who use his imagination without limits.The great thing about this kind of novel is these action novels can achieve action and violence which can’t have from a movie. The story begins with,

Radiologist Dr. Stephen Swain and his elementary school aged daughter Holly are in their Long Island home relaxing after a day at the hospital and school respectfully. A contest that takes place every millennium or so between representatives of the 7 major populated social systems in the universe is about to start. This time, however, the site of this contest known as “The Presidium”, is the New York City Public Library with its miles of tunnels and booklined aisleways.They get teleported in to library and start fighting for their lives against 6 Alien contesters who are superior than humans.In past Presidiums, the human contestant has always been the first to be eliminated. But this time things about to change !

Contest is a high speed action novel which has nonestop action begin to end. This is Matthew Reillys first novel and you will become a fan of his book after you read this. Can be a great gift for your relatives or friends who love action novels. You can read more reviews about this Great action novel in Amazon.com and see how good this novel is !

Book Reviews

Reading books is one of my main hobbies since I was like 9 years old. I ve always loved reading books, all kind of books ! I used to read at least 2-3 books per week when I was a teen. Now I don’t have much time coz of all work but I still try to read at least 3-4 books per month.

I like all kind of books but mainly Thrillers, Adventure, Historical and those novels about world war 2. Also I love simple comedies which always work asĀ  stress release.

So there I want to talk about books I had read and books I’m gonna read. I hope my thoughts about each book would be useful for those who has my kind of taste for books !