Going Home by Harriet Evans

Going Home by Harriet Evans is a cool British chick lit novel.  It’s a simple novel but I have to say its pretty good.  It’s not one of the greatest Chick lit novels or one of the funniest chick lit novels but still you can enjoy the book without getting bored.

Twenty something Lizzy Walter is living the good life, working in London at a film–production company and visiting her family’s manor in the country whenever she wants a change. Until, still stung over her boyfriend’s betrayal, she arrives home for Christmas with her sister Jess and cousin Tom to discover that Keeper House must be sold to pay her adored, but unreliable, Uncle Mike’s debts. Her family seems to have accepted the loss of their ancestral home, but she is in denial, so that while they are planning her aunt Chin’s wedding and packing up the house, she sequesters herself in her London apartment and broods, using sex as a panacea but refusing to commit to any relationships.

Going Home is the first chick lit novel written by Harriet Evans but its very impressive for a first novel. I’m looking forward to read other books of Harriet Evans.

Bad Heir Day by Wendy Holden

Bad Heir Day by Wendy Holden is not one of her best Chick Lit novels. For some reason it doesn’t give you the all happy feeling usually you get at end. I understand why there were too many low ratings for this British Chick Lit novel. Even from Wendy Holden fans. One thing everyone has agreed is this is not Wendy Holden’s best.

At a lavish wedding in a castle on a Scottish isle, Geri suggests that Anna hire on as a writer’s assistant to learn the nittygritty of novel writing that wasn’t covered at the university. She ends up working for the illtempered, anorexic, and social-climbing bestselling author Cassandra, unaware that hiring her as an underpaid assistant was a clever ploy to find a nanny for the demonic Zak. Meeting up with Geri again she discovers that the fashionably dressed, affluent-looking young woman is actually a nanny in search of a wealthy husband, hopefully an heir to a title. Then Anna runs into Jamie, a waiter, who turns out to actually be laird of the castle. After a whirlwind lowkey courtship, she agrees to marry him and moves to his aptly named Castle Dampie, and soon all the major players are reunited in one of romance’s most hilarious laughoutloud scenes.

It looks the characters are not developed enough to let you feel connected to them.  It has trade mark of chick lit novels and romantic comedies, happily-ever-after ending but in a twisted way. Its a OK book but not the best. What I can tell you is If you haven’t read Wendy Holdens novels before then don’t start with this book. Try Pastures Nouveaux or The Wives of Bath which are better than this one.