Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen

Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen is  a comedy. I’m kinda bored make a review about this book. Maybe that’s because I’m sleepy. I read the book till end and its readable. It has its moments like those 911 messages were hilarious. But I don’t think it gives you laughter like a true comedy book gives. But I’m just a one person and not a fan of Carl Hiaasen. So fans of his wouldn’t agree with me.

When budding young ecoterrorist Twilly Spree begins a campaign of sabotage against a grotesque litterbug named Palmer Stoat, he gets much more than he bargained for. Stoat is a political fixer, involved with a bevy of shady types: Dick Artemus, ex-car salesman, now governor; Robert Clapley, a crooked land developer with an unhealthy interest in Barbie dolls; and his business expediter, Mr. Gash, a permed reptilian thug with ghastly musical tastes: “All morning he drove back and forth across the old bridge, with his favorite 911 compilation in the tape deck: Snipers in the Workplace, accompanied by an overdub of Tchaikowsky’s Symphony No. 3 in D Major.” After a wave of preemptive strikes centered on a garbage truck and a swarm of dung beetles, Twilly ups the ante and kidnaps both Palmer’s dog and his wife, Desie, who finds Twilly a great deal more interesting than her slob of a husband. In doing so Twilly uncovers a conspiracy (well, more like business as usual) to jam a bill through the Florida legislature to develop Toad Island, a wildlife sanctuary, in a deal that will make a mint for all the politicos concerned. Chapley wants Twilly silenced and dispatches Mr. Gash. Palmer wants his wife and dog back and asks Dick Artemus to help in the rescue without derailing the bill. ratings for this book is better than I thought. Seems Carl Hiaasen has lots of fans specially in Florida. You can read reviews of these fans and get an idea about the book.

Night Watch by Terry Pratchett

Night Watch is the 28th book of  Terry Pratchett‘s DiscWorld Series. The 28th addition to Pratchett’s “Discworld” series explores time travel and historical inevitability with cleverness and humor. The author’s talent for comedy does not falter as he continues to set the standard for comic fantasy. Terry Pratchett is one of best British Comedy novel writers. I have read around 15 Discworld novels and love those all. These books are really fun to read.

Sam Vimes, Commander of Ankh-Morpork’s City Watch, can’t complain. He has a title, his wife is due to give birth to their first child any moment and he hasn’t had to pound a beat in ages but that doesn’t stop him from missing certain bits of his old life. Thank goodness there’s work to be done. Vimes manages to corner a murderer, Carcer, on the library dome at Unseen University during a tremendous storm, only to be zapped back in time 30 years, to an Ankh-Morpork where the Watch is a joke, the ruling Patrician mad and the city on the verge of rebellion. Three decades earlier, a man named John Keel took over the Night Watch and taught young Sam Vimes how to be a good cop before dying in that rebellion. Unfortunately, in this version of the past, Carcer has killed Keel. The only way Vimes can hope to return home and ensure he has a future to return home to is to take on Keel’s role.

Night Watch has most of usual DiscWorld characters, but this time story tells us about their early days. ‘young’ Vimes, Fred Colon as a corporal, Nobby Nobbs as a street urchin, Reg Shoe as a non-zombie revolutionary and a young new street vendor named Dibbler just starting out. It was to read this book. Reminds you the movie “Back to the Future”.

Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe

Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe us a pretty hilarious comedy which you will enjoy a lot. It’s a story about old south Africa when there were things happened which no one like to talk about.   But don’t misunderstand this is not a story which would make you cry to end but Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe make you laugh from start to end of the book.

It all starts when an elderly semi-aristocratic Englishwoman calls the police to report that she’s shot her Zulu cook. Refusing police Kommandant van Heerden’s best attempts to cover up the matter, she reveals that the cook was also her lover, which so appalls him that he immediately declares a state of emergency and mobilizes the entire police force. And so begins a massive comedy of errors, in which a “Kaffir-Killer” Konstabel Els plays a large role, as does the slimy Lieutenant Veerkamp, and matters take a turn for the utterly bizarre, as rubber fetishes, bondage, a drunken bishop, porno films, cross dressing, and penile Novocain injections are all introduced to the plot.

Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe is book which makes you laugh enough to make your mind totally relax and forget everything. When Crazy things start happening you end up unable to put down the this book till you finish the story. Also the story ends in a way you can sigh happily taking a deep breath.

The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore is exactly what i love to read in free times if I want my self to relax. It’s a short novel, fast reading and full of hilarious stuff. I don’t remember any good novels about Christmas times, stupid angels, a dead Santa, brain eating Zombies and many more stuff. I had my doubts about the book. But I have to say those are false alarms. Now I want to read more books which are written by Christopher Moore. The Stupidest Angel is a great light novel which is full of fun.

Sleepy Pine Cove, Calif., is abuzz with Christmas spirit, but Lena Marquez is fed up with her despicable ex-husband, Dale Pearson. On his way home from playing Santa Claus at the local lodge, Dale spies sneaky Lena uprooting his Monterey pines; he pulls a gun on her, she lashes out with a shovel and—oops!—kills him. Seven-year-old Josh Barker, thinking he’s just seen the murder of Santa, prays for a miracle to save Christmas. To Lena’s rescue comes Tucker Case, a slimy, reformed Casanova and DEA pilot, who gives her an alibi and sweeps her off her feet. The marijuana-cultivating town constable, Theo Crowe, suspects foul play, but Tucker intervenes with a blackmail scheme to keep the crime buried. Meanwhile, there’s a new arrival in town: the glowingly blond Archangel Raziel (last seen in Lamb) has come “dirtside” on a “miracle mission” involving Josh’s wish and reviving the town’s dearly departed. Pine Cove’s biggest challenge surfaces as comically reanimated zombies begin to rise and feast on the living, and a huge El Niño–induced storm swirls.

I found Christopher Moore is the author of eleven previous novels and all of those novels are highly rated by Amazon customers. So I think I’m going to look for The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove. I heard its hilarious just like this The Stupidest Angel. If you are looking some fun light novels then try one of Christopher Moore novels.

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot is a good book if you love soft romantic comedies with happy endings. This is the second novel I ve read which is written by Meg Cabot . First one,   The Guy Next Door is a great Romantic comedy too. This another great book from Meg Cabot. Story goes like,

Lizzie Nichols, a fashion-history major, wants nothing more than to graduate college and then fly off to London to be with her boyfriend, Andy. But at her graduation party, Lizzie finds out that she can’t graduate until she writes a senior thesis. And when she lands in London, Andy turns out to be a liar, gambler, and a fashion disaster. Lizzie, stuck in London with a nonchangeable ticket home, escapes Andy via the Chunnel in hopes that her friend Shari, who is catering weddings for the summer at a French chateau, can help. On the train, Lizzie meets a stranger, Jean-Luc, and spills everything that has happened, only to find out that he is the son of the chateau’s owner. At the chateau, Lizzie continues to babble when she shouldn’t, ticking off Jean-Luc, shocking his mother, and upsetting a bride. Will she ever learn to keep her mouth shut? Queen of Babble – Amazon

While i read the first chapter i was wondering like “Man ! this is boring !” It was all about a girl who worried about getting over weight complaining about things and regretting about things and falling for a guy who clearing looks like a jerk ! Well ok, I took little while for my silly mind to understand this novel is written fro girls ! For me the real story started when she meets this cute guy while traveling in train to meet her friend in France ( running away from x bf is the correct thing ). From there the whole thing start getting enjoyable. Filled with good times some near disastrous things.

Queen of Babble is funny and entertaining romantic novel.  No wonder it has received loads of positive reviews at Amazon. This is totally girlish book which guys can enjoy too. Also if you like this you should read the next one Queen of Babble Gets Hitched which is full of all kind of surprises. If you are looking for soft romantic comedies then look for the books of Meg Cabot.