Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot is a good book if you love soft romantic comedies with happy endings. This is the second novel I ve read which is written by Meg Cabot . First one,   The Guy Next Door is a great Romantic comedy too. This another great book from Meg Cabot. Story goes like,

Lizzie Nichols, a fashion-history major, wants nothing more than to graduate college and then fly off to London to be with her boyfriend, Andy. But at her graduation party, Lizzie finds out that she can’t graduate until she writes a senior thesis. And when she lands in London, Andy turns out to be a liar, gambler, and a fashion disaster. Lizzie, stuck in London with a nonchangeable ticket home, escapes Andy via the Chunnel in hopes that her friend Shari, who is catering weddings for the summer at a French chateau, can help. On the train, Lizzie meets a stranger, Jean-Luc, and spills everything that has happened, only to find out that he is the son of the chateau’s owner. At the chateau, Lizzie continues to babble when she shouldn’t, ticking off Jean-Luc, shocking his mother, and upsetting a bride. Will she ever learn to keep her mouth shut? Queen of Babble – Amazon

While i read the first chapter i was wondering like “Man ! this is boring !” It was all about a girl who worried about getting over weight complaining about things and regretting about things and falling for a guy who clearing looks like a jerk ! Well ok, I took little while for my silly mind to understand this novel is written fro girls ! For me the real story started when she meets this cute guy while traveling in train to meet her friend in France ( running away from x bf is the correct thing ). From there the whole thing start getting enjoyable. Filled with good times some near disastrous things.

Queen of Babble is funny and entertaining romantic novel.  No wonder it has received loads of positive reviews at Amazon. This is totally girlish book which guys can enjoy too. Also if you like this you should read the next one Queen of Babble Gets Hitched which is full of all kind of surprises. If you are looking for soft romantic comedies then look for the books of Meg Cabot.

The Guy Next Door by Meg Cabot

The Guy Next Door, written by Meg Cabot is a pretty interesting romantic novel. You can say its a Romantic comedy since its full of hilarious stuff ! If you enjoy Romantic comedies then you are gonna like this book because its totally different in few ways.

The Guy Next Door is a hilarious Story told via email messages. First I was wonder why im reading bunch of emails and when on earth the story gonna start. But then I realized email messages are the story. I have to say I was surprised that bunch of emails could tell a story this nicely. The Guy Next Door is great romantic comedy book and Meg Cabot d done a great job creating a fine novel out of emails in a way readers would ve never imagine.

I don’t even want to tell even little about the story not to make it spoiled for you. But still if you want a little bit of it before decide about getting this book or not, here.

Melissa Fuller, gossip columnist of the fictional New York Journal is on the brink of losing her job. This particular morning she is 68 minutes late for work – making it her 37th late arrival so far this year. Human Resources have given her another official warning, her boss seriously doubts her commitment to the paper and, more importantly, even her best friend has begun to worry about her psychological well being. This time, however, Melissa has a real excuse. She has just saved her elderly neighbor from a near-fatal attack, taken her to hospital and in the process become sole custodian of Paco her Great Dane – not the ideal accessory for a New York City girl. Melissa urgently needs to trace her neighbor’s only relative and when she finally meets him the real trouble starts.

If you talk about the author ok this book, Meg Cabot has lived in Indiana and California, USA and in France. She is the author of the highly successful series of children’s books, The Princess Diaries, the first of which Walt Disney Pictures recently released as a major motion picture starring Julie Andrews.