For the Roses by Julie Garwood

For the Roses by Julie Garwood is the first in the series of the Claybornes Brides. For the Roses has it all, humor, emotions romance and even a bit of thrill. Once you start reading you’ll be unable to put it down until you finish it.

The lives of four street orphans suddenly change when they discover an abandoned baby in the  dumpster. Although just children themselves, these vagabonds adopt the baby, whom they name Mary Rose and become a most unlikely family, naming themselves The Claybornes. Longing for a fresh start, Adam, the eldest of the clan, inspires their migration out West where they eventually find the perfect site for the family homestead, promptly named RoseHill by their sister.
Trouble came to paradise in the one Lord Harrison Stanford MacDonald. Harrison comes to Montana to find the missing daughter of his employer, the powerful and rich Lord Elliott.  He finds her, all right, but she is lovely and sweet and he falls in love with her, which he doesn’t feel he deserves to do. Mary Rose has to find out her identity and survive the upheaval that Harrison brings to her and to her family. Torn between two very different ways of life, Mary Rose must make the most important decision of her young life – to find where her true home really lies.

I really loved reading this book, because unlike the traditional family this family is bound by love and trust by the most unlikeliest of the people. The relationships of these unconventional brothers and sister are what make  For the Roses a must read. However I felt that Eleanor’s character was wholly unnecessary. But I strongly recommend that fans of Julie Garwood to not watch the movie Rosehill based on this book For the Roses.The characters in the movie and those in the book are completely at odds. Reading the book is strongly recommended.

The Bride’s Baby by Liz Fielding

The Bride’s Baby by Liz Fielding is a romantic novel filled with emotions and dreams.

Events manager Sylvie Smith was planning the wedding of Candy one of her girlhood friends to Tom McFarlane. At the last minute the bride runs off with one of Sylvie’s employees, leaving Tom McFarlane jilted and not too happy about the number of bills that were piled up.And she has to meet with him to settle her fee.While meeting for the last time things really heat up between them and they end up sleeping together.That night of passion results in a pregnancy. Knowing he deserved to know, she penned a letter informing him, but also giving him an out.After several months of not hearing from him she writes him off. Then she gets into planning her dream wedding for a magazine with all proceeds going to charity which her mother founded.
Tom McFarlane is unaware  that the baby Sylvie was carrying was his own as he never got to read the letter due to his absence from London for the past several months. He reads about Sylvie’s pregnancy in a magazine and thinks that the wedding she is planning is for real.

The book The Bride’s Baby by Liz Fielding‘ was a sweet story with natural progression of the relationship and the way the two characters were connected. What I really liked was that Tom was understanding and supportive of Sylvie, even not knowing she was pregnant with his baby. there were a lot of misunderstanding between the two.I really liked the story but what I felt was that this was put in the wrong plot, it should have been under the misunderstanding instde of the baby plot. I think that was only the flaw.

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas one of the most famous novels of all times. Probably the best and famous french novel. The Count of Monte Cristo is a delicious novel, full of intrigue,  great fight scenes,  love,  passion, revenge and witty social satire. This novel shows everything what a great author should have,  the grandeur of the writing, the tightness of a wonderful plot, filled with subplots, the development of the characters, and the constant magic of combining romance and adventure. This is the greatest french classic novel I have ever read. One of the best romantic novels too.

Young sailor Edmond Dantes, just as his life starts to come together, is wrongfully imprisoned for fourteen years in the dungeons of the Chateau d’If as the victim of a monstrously evil plot to frame him as a Bonapartist. While in prison he makes the acquaintance of one Abbe Faria, who serves as his mentor and teaches him the ways of the world (science, philosophy, languages and literature, and so forth), and also makes him a gift of a fabulous treasure straight out of the _Thousand and One Nights_. How Dantes gets out of prison, and what he does after that.

The Count of Monte Cristo is not small lite novel. Its one of the longest novels I have read and probably the longest romantic novel I have read.This great romantic novel gonna take 3-4 days to finish depending how fast you read. Also this is a book you will want to read without putting the down the book so better start reading it when you have plenty of time like in a vacation. The Count of Monte Cristo might be 1400 pages long, but it never disappoints. Also I like how the story ends a happier ending than I expected. Not many books at Amazon.con gets 334 five star reviews and plus 27 four stars out of a 388 total reviews. It shows how great The Count of Monte Cristo is.

Secret Admirer by Amanda Lees

Secret Admirer is a chick lit type romantic novel which is written by Amanda Lees. Its a light novel which is good for those who like to read the whole thing in few hours.Its a average lite romance novel with a happy ending. No complicated things there but just a love triangle with a twist.

Delilah had imagined her life was complicated enough. After all, when you’re the owner of a struggling but sophisticated boutique that demands your constant attention and the manager of a hedonistic and occasionally snappish Australian sales assistant, you don’t have a great deal of time to brood about the state of your love life. But when an intriguing – and oddly fragrant – postcard from a secret admirer lands on your doormat, there’s no escaping the thrill of wondering who the mysterious scribbler might be…that is, until the man of your dreams saunters through the shop door and sends your heart into restless palpitation. But is he the enigmatic secret admirer, or merely a coincidental bearer of romantic tidings? Delilah’s passions are about to fly into overdrive, although there are the small matters of a shop named Decadence and an assistant named Twizzle to keep her feet on the ground.

First few captors of Secret Admirer boring. Fireworks started like in 8 or 9th captors. Then the story was smooth and lovely. You would read without stopping wanting to know what happens next. It has something more than a normal chick lit novel. End was bit too fast. I wish story is bit longer than that specially the ending. Anyone I want to check how other novels which are written by Amanda Lees.

Hunter’s Moon By C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

C. T. Adams & Cathy Clamp are a dynamite combination in writing historical and paranormal Romance novels! One of their most famous paranormal romance+thriller series is the Tales of the Sazi. The first book in this series is Hunter’s Moon.

Sue Quentin is a the multi-million dollar Lotto winner, who is so unhappy due to her selfish and scheming mother that she wants to end her life. In order to end her life she hires an  assassin . What the two of them don’t plan is falling for each other. In spite of knowing of Tony’s  secret Sue relishes the attention and care Tony lavishes on her,The psychic bond between them grows, as does the physical passion. Just as this odd couple start thinking about a future together, enemies strict, and all of them are not human. In order to save his mate Tony lets his animal side take over.

I simply loved this book and could not put it down until i finished it. The characters in this story are not predictable, neither is the plot. The story is complicated not just by Sue’s suicidal tendencies and the scheming antics of her selfish grasping family, but also by her werewolf lover’s deep involvement in Mafia affairs.Dark violence with a romantic core, and uncanny twists in the plot will hold you  enthralled up until the very end.