The Third Option by Vince Flynn

The Third Option by Vince Flynn is another above average political thriller. This is the 3rd of of  Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series. I enjoyed to the book though I don’t like the end. If you like Thrillers then The Third Option by Vince Flynn is good book to read.

Rancorous political infighting surrounds the selection of a successor to the dying head of the CIA just as Mitch Rapp, the agency’s top operative, embarks on a dangerous mission to take out a well-known German industrialist believed to be supplying Middle East terrorists with highly sensitive equipment critical to constructing a nuclear bomb. When Rapp’s ultimately successful mission is compromised from within, ailing CIA director Thomas Stansfield puts his imprimatur on the efforts of his chosen successor, Irene Kennedy, director of the agency’s Counter-terrorism Center, to identify the powerful interests both inside and outside the agency that wanted Rapp to fail…

The Third Option had received 45 five stars and 32 four stars out of 123 customer reviews. Which means majority of readers like the book. I’m with them too. But I also agree with who put negative reviews because lack of an ending. Main culprit hadn’t been discovered or dealt with. Vince Flynn should have given the book better ending than this. The Third Option diserve a better ending than this.

Executive Power by Vince Flynn

Executive Power by Vince Flynn is another great political thriller which is full of action. Another thriller about Vince Flynn’s famous character Mitch Rapp‘s action-packed fight against terrorism. Executive Power is another fast paced political thriller which won’t disappoint you.

Mitch Rapp is the CIA’s number one assassin, recently lauded by the president as “the single most important person in America’s fight against terrorism.” Recently married to a high-profile anchorwoman and given a desk job, Mitch is having a hard time settling into the brain center of the CIA and giving up the gritty end of operations. He can’t seem to resist seeking hands-on involvement in his latest assignment: unraveling a murky plot to create a Palestinian state. A mysterious operative, “David,” plans to assassinate the heads of the major terrorist groups in the region and pin the deaths on Israel, simultaneously creating sympathy for the Palestinian cause while striking a fatal blow against terrorism, which he despises.

Executive Power is the forth book of  Vince Flynn‘s  Mitch Rapp political thriller series. Its good as all of his other novels. Just like rest of the Mitch Rapp political thriller series Executive Power is fast paced and exciting. If you love reading thriller novels you are gonna enjoy this one.

Memorial day by Vince Flynn

Memorial Day by Vince Flynn is political action thriller novel which is full of all kind of action and stuff. CIA, FBI,  Al Qaeda, nuclear attacks .. you name it .. Its a good fast reading book. An action thriller which remind me Ice Station . Memorial day doesn’t have that much of action as Ice Station but still this has plenty. But this is more into politics. How things going at white house while fireworks are happing outside.

A terrorist group were to sneak a nuclear weapon into the U.S. Rapp, the relentless, marble-hearted CIA assassin and terrorist hunter, would never let that happen, of course, and Flynn’s description of the process of bringing a nuke ashore and the lengths to which the government’s counterterrorism force will go to prevent harm to U.S. citizens add up to another page-flipping extravaganza. Rapp, back in the field after a long stint on desk duty for insubordination, unearths the bomb plot during a daring commando raid on an al-Qaeda stronghold in Afghanistan. A U.S. strike force manages to intercept and disarm the nuke moments after it arrives by freighter in Charleston, S.C. Everyone, including series stalwart President Robert Hayes, congratulates themselves on a job well done, but Rapp isn’t convinced; he believes al-Qaeda leader Mustafa al-Yamani has smuggled a second nuke into the country and plans to detonate it in Washington, D.C., during Memorial Day celebrations. Rapp, a ruthless terrorist pursuer by temperament and training, turns it up several notches this time around, following al-Yamani’s scent with feverish abandon. Flynn trots out his usual assortment of characters to keep the action tense—wishy-washy cabinet members, political climbers, invective-spewing terrorists and a selected assortment of ice queens who use sex as a weapon. Yet his skillful use of converging plots, particularly the panic created by having a nuke on the loose, is enough to keep Flynn’s growing fan base more than willing to overlook the formulaic components.

This political thriller has been given 90 five stars out of 145 reviews and  27 four stars at Amazon. So I think majority who did read this book think its an above average Thriller novel. Memorial day is one of  Flynn’s popular Mitch Rapp series.